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General Questions

  • What is Apparent Financing by SAP?

    Apparent Financing by SAP is a new lending business at SAP focused on providing businesses that leverage SAP systems including SAP Ariba access to financing by leveraging information we can collect from the systems that happen from just you doing your day to day business.

  • How is Apparent Financing by SAP related to SAP Ariba?

    Both Apparent Financing and Ariba are businesses which are under the umbrella known as SAP. We are working closely with multiple executives from SAP Ariba to ensure the lending offering is suitable for suppliers to drive greater value for you and your subscriptions.

  • What if I haven’t used Ariba in the past year for invoicing?

    We are currently not servicing applicants who don’t use SAP Ariba, but stay tuned as we will be working on servicing such businesses in the near future.

  • How do you use my Ariba data?

    We will review your current and historical data within Ariba not limited to: Invoice data, Order data, Remittance data, and Payment data which will be collected one time to generate financing offers. For more information, please read our terms and conditions.

  • Who provides financing?

    Apparent Financing by SAP is not a financial institution or a lender itself. We partner with financial institutions such as, non-banks and alternative finance companies.


  • How does the process work?

    You can register on our website, which allows us to review your SAP Ariba data to create a business credit profile. Then, you will receive pre-qualified offers from our financial partners. You can review the offer terms and choose the right financial partner and solution that suit your business needs. The final step is an online onboarding and decision process with the chosen financial partner.

  • How long does the process take?

    Typically, it can take two to five business days, however, it is dependent on your business situation. Keep in mind, this does not imply the amount of work you need to dedicate, but an estimation for the process as a whole.

  • What do the expiration dates mean on the offers?

    The pre-qualified offers have a validity up to the expiration date. If it expires, you will have to contact us to receive new pre-qualified offers.

  • For an unsecured business loan or a line of credit do I need to provide a personal guarantee?

    Personal guarantee can affect the amount of credit that can be approved. Without a personal guarantee, you may still qualify for a lower loan credit.

  • If I am doing Invoice Financing, can I pick and choose which invoices I may be interested in financing?

    Yes, this is known as selective invoice financing. You may choose to finance invoices of specific customers. However, the invoice payments would be routed to your bank account via the financing arrangement.

  • Can I only finance my SAP Ariba invoices?

    No, we can finance either SAP Ariba invoices, non-SAP Ariba invoices, or both. However, you may be offered preferred pricing for SAP Ariba invoice financing.

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