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General Questions

  • What is Apparent Financing by SAP?

    Apparent Financing is a new business initiative at SAP that aims to provide unified access to financial solutions to small and medium businesses (SMBs) in the US region. Our initial focus is to serve small businesses who are suppliers on the Ariba Network.

    Ariba Network and Apparent Financing by SAP are independent business units of the parent company SAP SE.

  • How can Apparent Financing help?

    Apparent Financing is a free service exclusively available only to Ariba Network suppliers in the US region. Based on your digital footprint on the Ariba Network, Apparent Financing can automatically construct your business credit profile and provide you quick, convenient and cost-effective financial solutions personalized for your business needs. We have an established network of vetted financial partners who provide short-term working capital finance solutions.

    All you need to do is register to use this free service.

  • What if I have not used Ariba Network in the past year?

    Apparent Financing is a free service only available to active US based suppliers, who have transacted business through the Ariba network in the last 12 months.

  • Who provides financing?

    Apparent Financing has an established network of vetted financial partners who provide the financial solutions for your business needs. At Apparent, we work hard to hand-pick the right financial providers who value your relationship and can provide the right solution at the right time.

  • How are Apparent Financing by SAP and Ariba Network Related?

    Ariba Network and Apparent Financing by SAP are independent business units of the parent company SAP SE. Apparent Financing by SAP is a supplier-centric financing program that is currently designed for suppliers who use Ariba Network. Ariba Network is the world’s largest B2B eCommerce platform enabling digital supply chain collaboration between Ariba Network suppliers to their Ariba Network buyers.

  • How do you use my Ariba data?

    Based on your Ariba Network business profile, Apparent Financing will access and share your current and historical trade data i.e. Order data, Invoice data, Remittance data to provide you with financial offers. We use the data one time to generate a credit profile for your business to ensure you have pre-qualified financial solutions when you need them the most. For more information, please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


  • How does the process work?

    Once you register for our free service, Apparent Financing team will create your business credit profile based on your digital footprint on Ariba Network. Based on this business credit profile, our network of financial partners will generate pre-qualified offer(s). You can compare one or more pre-qualified offers when you have a need. By selecting one or more offers, you may be required to complete the on-boarding formalities and sign credit agreements with our financial partner. The entire process only takes a few minutes for you to complete.

  • Why do the offers have expiration dates?

    The expiration date determines the validity of the pre-qualified offers. Once the offer has expired, please contact us to receive updated offers.

  • Will the invoice financing solution allow me to select specific invoices?

    Yes, this is known as selective invoice factoring. You may choose to finance invoices of specific customers. Please note that all invoice payments would be collected by the provider of the factoring solution to streamline the payment process for your customer.

  • How long does the financing process take?

    Typically, it can take two to five business days, however, it is dependent on your business situation. The entire process may only take a few minutes for you to complete. In exceptional cases, additional information may be needed by our financial partner which may require additional time.

  • For an unsecured business loan or a line of credit do I need to provide a personal guarantee?

    Providing a personal guarantee may increase the amount of credit approved. Your business may still qualify for a lower credit limit without a personal guarantee.

  • Can I only finance my Ariba Network invoices?

    Both Ariba Network invoices and non-Ariba Network invoices can be financed. However, you may be offered a preferred pricing for invoices processed via the Ariba Network.

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